The ultimate in playability

The method employed in the construction of a Martyn Booth guitar means that there is perfect geometry and snugness of fit between the body and the neck. This not only means the action is very low but the resonance and tone are remarkable. Long after the note is inaudible, its vibrations can still be felt by placing a thumb and forefinger on the headstock.

Best materials
The best materials and zero tolerance attention to detail

Martyn has collected woods and othermaterials over the years and kept themin perfect condition to age naturally. The Maple and Mahoganies are all from sustainable sources and have been hand picked fro their density, resonating properties and of course their beauty. Mother of pearl, Rosewood, Tulip and Ebony complement each other to produce a feast for the eyes and ears!

Where bespoke really means individual!

Each guitar is hand made at Martyns workshop in Sudbury, Suffolk. Although the basic shape is the same on each instrument, the customisation available is unlimited. Choices begin with the model you require, and after this decision choose neck style, diameter, fretboard pickups, woods, finish, hardware, inlays, controls... the list is endless. No two guitars can ever be the same, as it should be for a truly unique hand crafted work of art.

Try before buy
Try before you buy

A guitar is a guitar? right? Wrong!

Martyn would love to welcome you to his workshop to demonstrate one of his guitars. This is a unique opportunity to play one of the worlds finest instuments.

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